Man at Arms

Perceval or the redeeming knight

Perceval of Galles is one of the great knights of the quest for the Grail and a knight of the Round Table. Yet he did not always have the chivalrous values that could be expected of him. Indeed, when he was little, his mother left with him to live exiled with other women to flee the fate of knight who was reserved for him if he stayed with his father King Pellinor. She did not instruct him, therefore, as to the conduct of a knight. However, it was his destiny to become a knight and the day he crossed five in a forest, he mistook them for angels, he decided to become one. After being trained to the arts of combat, he joined the court of King Arthur. He discovered the morale of knights, by fighting to defend his beloved Blanchefleur.


After some time spent in Knights and Blanchefleur companies, he realizes that he has totally abandoned his mother and decides to visit her. On the road, he must cross a river, but the night is approaching, so he decides to stop before crossing the river and asked a fisherman where he could spend the night. This one indicated him the direction to join the castle of King Fisherman. He meets the king who stays in bed all day long, and servants spend the whole day from rooms to rooms with precious objects including the Grail, but Perceval never wondered about these objects. He missed, then, the opportunity to recover the Grail for lack of curiosity. In the night, all the people and objects disappeared miraculously.


The next day, on the road, he met his cousin who announces that his mother died of grief because he had abandoned her and told him that his lack of curiosity yesterday will create many misfortunes. Arriving at the court of Camelot, it is a hideous young woman who tells him precisely all the misfortunes that will happen, the death of many people, famine, and war.

Finally, the chivalrous values take full possession of Perceval, he went on the quest for the Grail, a quest of redemption for him. He will never again commit such an error, he will never stop looking for the Grail. Accompanied by Galaad and Bohort, he will find the castle of King PĂȘcheur, ask the question he should have asked and that will lead to the discovery of the Grail.